Introducing the project.

OK, so this is the first time that I’ve ever EVER signed onto a webcam (which turned out to be too slow, and in the wrong place), and put it on the internet (which turned out to be terrifying) – but, in the spirit of doing something new with this project, and not waiting until it’s perfect, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and publish this.

This is a short BSL intro to our new project. The transcript is below. Hopefully, I’ll find this easier in the future! I’m going to go and lie down now.

Hi, My name is Mike Gulliver. I work at the University of Bristol where I’m a researcher in Deaf history. I want to talk about a new project that’s entitled “Scripture, Dissent and Deaf space”. The focus is on the history of the first Deaf church, set up in London, in 1870. 

The fact that it’s a church is important – back then, society was totally controlled by the church. Similarly, the Deaf community was controlled by the church. So, if we want to know what Deaf people’s lives were really like, we have to look at the relationship between the Deaf community and the church.

The project lasts three years… what will we find – we don’t know! But come along for the ride, and we’ll see together 🙂

7 thoughts on “Introducing the project.

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  2. Congrats on starting this project!
    I am following this project from Canada with much excitement. As odd as it might seem, this research of yours is giving me insight into my own personal and I guess “our” collective history

    • Hello Canada 🙂
      My knowledge of the situation there is basic, but I think it’s largely similar to here… certainly the church’s ‘ownership’ of the Deaf community, either through education, or clubs, or through the provision of worship services, or… simply by being the authority that decided how society should see those who physical and other differences, will parallel the European situation.
      One of the things that we’d love to do later on in, or after, the project is to compare the situation with other places, times and religious traditions… so keep an eye out as we perhaps find the time to ask some of those questions.
      All the best,

  3. how have i only just found this – John tells me nothing! 😉 looking forward to seeing how the project progresses

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