Transcription of the 26th June 2014 BBC coverage on the Acton closure

BBC London recently covered the closure of the Acton church. Since they didn’t provide subtitles or a transcription for the film, I’ve typed one up.

I’m not sure how to embed the video from the BBC site, so you’ll have to visit and watch it at

The transcription runs:

0 secs

Familiar surroundings for many church-goers, but the type of service not so conventional. They’re signing hymns.It’s a service specifically for Deaf people conducted only in sign language. Vera is a retired chaplain. She’s been coming to the church for the last 30 years. But today could be one of her last visits.

22 secs

“I’ve seen so many services here: baptisms… so many. I’ve got good memories, and they’re very precious to me.”

35 secs

St Saviour’s was built by a Deaf charity almost 90 years ago. It’ll now be sold on after proving too expensive to maintain. It first moved to Acton after it was relocated from Oxford Circus almost 90 years ago. The new building’s design was carefully thought out.

52 secs

The church was built specifically for the Deaf community. There are chairs instead of pews to avoid restricted movement while signing. There are lecturns either side of the altar, one for a speaker and one for a signer. And the floor slopes up towards the back to allow everyone to see.

1 min, 8 secs

“One day I met a friend of mine who brought me here to the Deaf club. And I’ve been here ever since. Since I was about 15 and a half.”

“I feel very sad that it’s not going to be here. What will we do?”

The church is still looking for a new home. Many memories will be left here.

1 min, 30 secs

“They filmed my first reunion service here”.
“How many years ago?”
“20 years ago”
“And now we’re filming you now at one of the last?”
“How does that feel?”
“Still sad, still sad… very”.

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